211 Montcalm, Hull, QC

Image 211 Montcalm, Hull, QC 1994

Built in 1913-14 and in 1942-43, this building measures approximately 33m x 190m and is on two levels. The walls and roof structure of this historic building are made of riveted built-up steel columns and girders. The roof deck is made out of wood. The roof is built up. The ground floor is a concrete slab on grade and the first floor structure is a reinforced concrete structure (refer to detailed description in Framing Section). The exterior walls are large expanses of 14"x20'' single pane glass mounted in steel frames, which bring natural light to the interior. Pilastered pier-like comers and entablature support. The large intervening panels of glass and conceal the monitor roof profile.

The Connors Building (the former Hull Iron and Steel Foundry) was built for its first owner Archibald Coplan. It was added to twice in the 1940s: an office addition facing Delormier Street, and a two-story addition to the rear, during World War II.

[click] 211 Montcalm, Hull, QC - Report: NCC Property Monitoring & Inspection (Dec. 1994)