Technotes were published by the Main Street Canada Team of experts to help Project Co-ordinators, retailers and city council representatives bettter understand some of the important issues concerning Main Street revitalization.

[click] Technote No.01 - Producing a newsletter
[click] Technote No.02 - Joint Christmas Promotions
[click] Technote No.03 - Advertising with Flyers
[click] Technote No.05 - Recording Streetscapes Photographically
[click] Technote No.06 - Structural glass repair and replacement
[click] Technote No.07 - Putting on a parade
[click] Technote No.08 - Creating a Building File
[click] Technote No.09 - New Life For Old Theatres (by Anna Kozlowski)
[click] Technote No.10 - Maintenance treatments for street furniture (by Stuart Lazear)
[click] Technote No.11 - Organizing tours in your community (by Stuart Lazear)
[click] Technote No.12 - Working with municipal heritage advisory committees (by Stuart Lazear)
[click] Technote No.13 - Signs On Main Street (by Stuart Lazear)
[click] Technote No.14 - Window display (by Stuart Lazear)

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