Technical Dossiers Series

The 'Technical Dossiers Series' was created during the early 1980s by the Heritage Canada Foundation. The Editor was Architect Martin E. Weaver. The series was essentially a compilation of essential reference articles and documents meant to help professionals as well as property owners understand some of the essential principles and best practices concerning heritage preservation at that time. The dossiers were freely distributed during conferences and workshops organized by Heritage Canada.

[click] Dossier 1: Philosophy and Approach
[click] Dossier 2: Investigation and Recording
[click] Dossier 4: Wood Conservation
[click] Dossier 5: Roof Claddings
[click] Dossier 6: Masonry
[click] Dossier 7: Paint
[click] Dossier 10: Paint and Finishes
[click] Dossier 11: Wallpaper
[click] Dossier 14: Energy Conservation