In Memoriam

Lazar Sumanov

Dr. Lazar Sumanov

Dr Lazar Sumanov was a friendly and positive person, optimistic and hospitable. He was always active, working to support the cause of cultural heritage whether in North Macedonia, his home country, or elsewhere in the world. Trained in architecture, he specialized in the conservation of the built heritage, and received his Doctorate at the Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies, York University (UK). He continued at York as Visiting Lecturer for several years, and he also lectured at the École nationale supérieure d’architecture, University of Marseille, France. He was employed at the Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Macedonia, where he worked for more than three decades.

Lazar was the founder and first President of ICOMOS Macedonia National Committee (1994). He was elected member of the ICCROM Council (1997-2001), elected as member of the ICOMOS International Executive Committee (2005-2008), and inducted into the ICOMOS Academy.  

He was the Deputy Director of the Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments – RZZSK – Skopje, Macedonia (1990-1999) and received many awards for his work at national and international level. Towards the end of his career he became passionate about recording and documentation of the built cultural heritage participating actively in the Getty Conservation Institute RecorDIM initiative.

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Lazar Sumanov, Peter Waldhaeusl, Francois LeBlanc 2004

Lazar Sumanov (Macedonia), Francois LeBlanc (GCI), Peter Waldhaeusl (Austria) meeting in Granada, Spain 2002

Lazar Sumanov and Francois LeBlanc 2004

Lazar Sumanov and Francois LeBlanc, Granada, 2002.

Lazar Sumanov and Micaela Shea in Ottawa 2007

Lazar Sumanov (Macedonia) and Micaela Shea (Getty Conservation Institute) in RecorDIM meeting in Ottawa, 2007.

Lazar sumanov 2005 Lazar Sumanov 2005

Lazar Sumanov

Lazar Sumanov, Leuven, Belgium, 2004

Lazar Sumanov 2004

GCI RecorDIM meeting in Leuven, Belgium 2004

Lazar Sumanov 2007

Lazar Sumanov participating to RecorDIM meeting in Ottawa, 2007