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Susan E. Schur

Susan Elizabeth Schur

August 10, 1939 - November 26 2022 (83)

Fellow APT College of Fellows members,
I have recently learned of the passing of APT and COF cohort who suffered a massive stroke last November 26th. Susan joined APT during its early years and is best known by us for her extensive preservation publications and organizer of cutting edge conferences. For her preservation advocacy she was awarded an Honoree AIA, elected to the APT/COF and a FRSA. From 1976 to 1996 she published Technology and Conservation a quarterly that then evolved into a pioneering biannual conference at MIT that focused on a single material from its characteristics, historical use, preservation and current research and use. The last planned conference which ended up being a subscription effort because of the pandemic featured Architectural Plastics and Polymers Composites in the 21st Century. Those of us who knew and worked with her experience, Susan was a force of nature with many efforts underway leaving one wondering if she ever slept. While being a preservationist Susan was also an accomplished artist with works that can be understood as abstract expressionism with black being her favorite color. She was honored with many exhibits / showing of her work. An additional claim to fame is Susan's graduation in 1960 with a BS and MS degrees from MIT in its first women class.

As a true New Yorker Susan didn't drive therefore I had the opportunity to chauffer her about over the past decades, subject to her precise and non-negotiable instructions. She clearly leaves a void.

A sad day!
Bill Barlow

This is very, very sad news.  I worked with Susan at the very start of Technology & Conservation, when I was still living up in the Boston area.  She was someone with an amazing amount of energy--truly an unstoppable force, bringing all of us together to educate each other along with a wider audience of architects, engineers and scientists.  I valued her friendship enormously, and will miss her.  
Norman Weiss

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Susan E. Schur


Schur, Susan E. was born on August 10, 1939 in New York City. Daughter of George and Martha Mathilda (Salzer) Schur.


Bachelor of Science in Metallurgy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1960. Master of Science in Metallurgy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1960.


Research metallurgist, Advanced Metals Research Corporation (now Amray, Inc.), Bedford, Massachusetts, 1960-1962; technical consultant, Deutsch & Shea Inc., New York City, 1962-1963; partner, The Sculptors Workshop, Boston, 1965-1975; president, The Schur Company, Boston, 1962-1980; president, Susan E. Schur Advertising, Somerville, Massachusetts, since 1963; public, editor, Technology & Conservation, Somerville, since 1975; president, The Technology Organisation, Inc., Somerville, since 1975. Member planning public relations commission First International Conference Women Engineers and Scientists, New York City, 1963-1964.


Member advisory board The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1984-1994, Center for Preservation Technology, Columbia University, 1987-1990. Fellow Society Women Engineers (senior life. member, chairman Boston chapter 1967-1969, council section representatives 1969-1970, editor national magazine 1961-1970). Member American Association for the Advancement of Science (life), Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alumni Association (vice president 1972-1975, member seminars for young alumni 1969-1970, member advisory council 1970-1988, member reunion committees 1964-1965, 84-85, 89-90, 94-95, member national selection communications since 1996, Bronze Beaver award 1973), Association Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alumnae (president 1972-1976, various offices 1963-1969), American Society Metals (chairman Boston chapter 1967-1969, various offices 1973-1986), Association Preservation Technological, Engineering Societies New England, American Institute Conservation, International Institute Conservation, New.

England Conservation Association (president 1979-1982), Massachusetts Institute of Technology Club of Boston (president 1974-1975, 89-90, various offices since 1972), Sigma Xi.

Awe-inspiring Women Who Studied Architecture at MIT in the Early Days: Pioneers and Innovators



The BSA is a community committed to improving the quality of life for Boston-area residents by championing innovation in the built environment.

Boston Society for Architecture | Historic Resources Committee:… (

For our June meeting, longtime HRC member Susan Schur Hon. AIA regales for us the inspiring stories of a number of women who studied architecture at “Tech” from the 1800s to 1910. One hundred fifty years ago, MIT became the first collegiate institution in the United States to offer an architecture course of study and, almost from the start, women were enrolled in this program.
These female trailblazers were responsible for an impressive record of accomplishments widely recognized throughout the 19th and early-to-mid 20th centuries, but less and less acknowledged, if not completely ignored, in more recent times. Nonetheless, their achievements included winning international architectural and urban design competitions, establishing successful women-owned architecture firms, designing college and residential landscapes, initiating and participating in local AIA chapters, undertaking entrepreneurial activities in various fields of endeavor, and much more.

Susan E. Schur, Hon. AIA, FAPT, is President of The Technology Organization, Inc. and was the founder and publisher-editor of "Technology & Conservation," an undertaking which now organizes and presents biennial conferences focusing on architectural materials. She served two terms as President of the Association of MIT Alumnae (AMITA) and one term as Vice-President of the Association of MIT Alumni. Susan's research into the lives and attainments of early MIT women came about through her initiating, organizing and chairing the year-long 1973 centennial celebration of 100 years of women graduates from MIT. This interest in documenting accomplishments in what many considered non-traditional fields for females began even earlier with her work editing (for ten years) the national publication of the Society of Women Engineers and her involvement in the First International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists.

Susan E. Schur

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Susan E. Schur

Susan E. Schur, inducted into APT College of Fellows, 2004


Susan E. Schur

Susan E. Schur

Susan E. Schur

Susan E. Schur


Susan E. Schur

Technology & Conservation Advisory Board

Technology & Conservation Advisory Board