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image Shin Maekawa

Shin Maekawa


Shin Maekawa — a long-serving member of the GCI staff (1989-2016) and an integral part of the Institute's work from its early days—passed away on July 21, 2016. A native of Japan, Shin came to California for his university studies. After receiving a master's degree in mechanical engineering from UCLA, he worked for over a decade as an engineer for an American defense company. In 1989, wanting a change, Shin left a promising career in defense to join the scientific staff of the GCI. He would spend the rest of his life engaged in conservation.

  • [click] Tribute by the Getty Conservation Institute
  • [click] Tribute by the Getty Conservation Institute 2017
  • [click] Various publications - Ctrl+Click on the hyperlinks in the pdf list
  • [click] Field Trip Report to Seattle by F. LeBlanc; Shin participated to this trip
  • [click] The conservation of Cave 85 at the Mogao Grottoes, Dunhuang, China
  • [click] Article by Susan E. Schur on the Getty Conservation Institute's work (Shin) to develop environment controled exhibition cases for Egyptian Royal Mummies


image shin maekawa in egypt

Shin Maekawa in Egypt

Shin Maekawa 1989

Shin Maekawa developing and testing a display case for mummies in Egypt. The cases are devoid of oxygen and filled with nitrogen (a stable gas); the pressure inside the cases is controlled to equal or be slightly superior to external air pressure to prevent infiltration of oxygen into the cases.

Shin Maekawa 1989

Shin Maekawa at the site of Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, China - 1989 (photo: N. Agnew, GCI)

image shin maekawa in copan honduras

François LeBlanc and Shin Maekawa traveling to the World Heritage Site of Copan in Honduras, 2001

image shin maekawa in Los Angeles

Shin during a GCI retreat in Los Angeles - 2004

image environment monitoring station

Environment monitoring station designed by Shin and installed in the World Heritage Site of Joya de Céren in El Salvador - 2004

image of shin maekawa

Shin calibrating environment monitoring equipment

image shin maekawa in seattle

Shin, Mark Liebman (Science of forensic building specialist), Giacomo Chiari (GCI Chief Scientist) - 2005

image of shin maekawa in seattle

Seattle, USA - 2005

Shin Maekawa 2005

Shin Maekawa in Seattle, 2005

image of shin maekawa

This is going to be great! Just wait a few minutes Shin...

image of shin maekawa

Oops... that plate was not for me!

Shin Maekawa in china - 2005

Shin in World Heritage Site of Mogao, China during a workshop to share information about the conservation of the grottoes - 2005

image of shin maekawa in Los Angeles

Installing environment monitoring equipment at historic Eames House in Los Angeles - 2014